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Jeanne McMenimen is an artist who expresses God’s creation through watercolor paintings and pottery.


Most of her paintings include Scripture verses or word of encouragement. Her pottery has Scripture references on the bottom of them in place of her name. She does this to bring honor and glory to her Savior, Jesus Christ. It is her hope that you will experience Jesus’ beauty, love, power, strength, mercy, grace, and salvation through her art.


Each piece is either hand-built or thrown on the pottery wheel. She loves the process of throwing a lump of clay on ther wheel, spinning it around and with just the touch of her hand forming a vessel. Also, rolling out a slab of clay and forming it into a funtional or decorative piece. Pieces are glazed with food-safe glazes and are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. The unpredictable effects the glaze has on clay is beautiful. “Working in clay brings out the artist and craftsman in me. It is fun and relaxing,” says Jeanne


Beautiful images are created using paint and water. Most of Jeanne's work is impressionism and abstract. 


She lives in Hutto, Texas with her husband. When she is not in one of her art studios, she is spending time with one of her seven grandchildren who also live in Hutto or volunteering her time and talents. Here you can view, purchase and order her creations.